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Min Mountain Coffee Co. ltd; 0937 222 386
14th Floor, Vincom center, 72 Le Thanh Ton street
, Dist 1, HCMC, Viet Nam sales@ESOcoffee.com

Share one best coffee for coffee lovers.

We have found one best Arabica beans specially grown in one highest mountain in Viet Nam, Coffee absorbs the quintessence of heaven and earth, the essence of country of thousands of flowers with dew drops interference with the sea breeze.

Processed by special fermentation technology, dry in the sunshine with sea breeze and the experience further release through coffee roaster hands. We share one best original espresso strong body and specific flavour from Min Mountain coffee to be enjoyed by global coffee lovers.

Eso Coffee is basis for a Emotion of sublimation and better smartness.
Original Coffee
Romantic agriculture

When you arrive in the coffee farms, you will feel the difference of utmost beauty in joice, love, culture, customs, language, share, environment and ecology.

We call it a Romantic agriculture, which will give you a great experience that is like no other. In all coffee farms, the coffee is growned in the Min Mountains, the mountains are higher than 1550 meters above sea level and is the interference crossroad between the sea and the Lang-Biang Plateau.

Coffee absorbs the quintessence of heaven and earth, the essence of country of thousands of flowers with dew drops interference with the sea breeze. This makes coffee bean ripe slowerly, brings coffee with more natural and tasty aroma.

Beautiful seabay
Bringing thick aroma to coffee

A beautiful coast stretching from Nha Trang to Phan Thiet is the source for diverse tastes of our coffee. There are many small islands surrounding region making the deepwater gulves, calm waves and ecological diversity.

Especially Cam Ranh Bay and San Francisco (USA) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is rated by the world's leading experts as the best natural harbor in the world.

From this coast backwards about 20 km to the west, going to the Lang Biang Plateau where coffee hills are waiting for the sun and sea breeze from the east, which gives this coffee more characteristic and thicker aroma.
Environment Sustainable
Coffee absorbing the essence of natural environment

Da Lat is named place of flowers, where attracts how many tourists as once come by; thanks for cool climate all year’s time, botany, bees and butterflies quivering, dreamy and immense pine hills.

The coffee is planted scattered in pine hills, absorbed the essence of nature. With high humidity, the mist all year round is the distinguished feature that makes coffee the special aroma of natural flowers.

The diversity in botany, herbs, bees and butterflies, pure air and absolute natural environment is appropriate for the ecological travel and sustainable development.
Plucking ripen coffee by hand

We not only assure the best planting conditions, but commit that the ripen coffee is plucked by hand, the ripen beans will be by hand selected before they are brought to a careful check step into processing.

The research centers in Japan and United States have given analysis on values; Aroma, Flavour, Acidity, Body, Finish. Then to assess one of the best area of ARABICA material source in the world. (Blue Mountain - Jamaica, Min Mountain - Việt Nam, Sidamo-Ethiopia, Sumatra - Indonesia, Mountain of Panama's Chiriqui).

Please send email to sales@ESOcoffee.com for more information.
Wet process
Wet process, fresh raw material, sun exposed and sea wind absorbed.

With advantages of a wet processing plant at the raw material region, we are active in best freshest raw material for processing.

The coffee is brewed (naturally fermented) by own know-how, cleaned and sunbathed and absorbed the sea’s salt. The coffee assures the original feature, quality and maintains the special natural aroma, not confused anywhere in the coffee’s world.

The ESO Roast
The coffee expert.

Your favorite ESO coffee is applied with many roasting methods, the coffee bean will turn from green to chocolate’s light brown or dark brown subject to roasting time.

Roasting coffee bean will self extract its sugar in its shell and naturally have endomose, its essential oil of coffee will shine the bean’s shell.
Thanks to passion and knowledge of coffee roasting technicians, the coffee keeps the initial natural aroma from soil conditions, natural environment.
Wonder from passion.

With a vigorous passion for coffee, we have made tests, assessing and blending in coffee farms, natural fermentation, coffee roasting time … This brings the wonder for a natural and special taste.

We have been successful in harmonizing the know-how and technics to merge the Italian style into the coffee cup with most special raw material from Min Mountain, Vietnam.